About Us


The school with the motto "Knowledge-Discipline-Humanity has been playing a great and effective role in achieving its goal of educating the pillars of future Nepal. Scholars Home is first and foremost a really vibrant day and boarding community, where we can proudly say we offer our students an education for life.

The most important thing is to see happy and healthy children. Happy children are receptive children, and receptive children will enjoy learning and growing in the fiullest sense - which is exactly what we are about. Our Vision is to educate young people in the spirit of interactive and practical learning, within a community

based on love and mutual respect. Every child here at Scholars Home benefits from the outstanding care and guidance offered by our dedicated teachers and support

staff. For our boarders, in addition to all the above, we provide superb accommodation in a truly homely family atmosphere, to support them and their families throughout their time at Scholars Home, New methods are been adopted to modernize the quality of education, Since 2058, our students have taken the S.L.C. Examination and have passed with flying colours. We have a near 100% result in

every Board examination, we know that our future examinee will also score a 100% result and continuously school being the district top, regional top and board top respectively and school has been extended to grade 12 with Science, Management, Humanities, Law and Education.